Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hi from houston!

We made it - we survived the big move. We're still unpacking and trying to tame the mess. Look at this beautiful spider we found on our back fence. I'm sure I would not think it was so beautiful if I found it in the house.


robin said...

hope all is well. I'm afraid I can't agree on the spider being beautiful inside or outside the house as I'm terrified of spiders. We have LOTS of spiders at our new house both inside and out. Of course the boys are fascinated with them and I'm horrified. We have lots of grasshoppers too or as one of the boys refers to them - grasscopters.

Hope you get settled in and enjoy your new neighborhood. All the best!

rebecca said...

we thought this spider was so cool after we read about it on the web. Sad thing is that Tyler got to it the next day, and it is no more.